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FlipSwitch Social Media, Who We Are

FlipSwitch was founded in 2012 to help small to midsize companies grow using the power of social media. Fast forward to the present, and we have worked with thousands of clients, ranging from mom-and-pop businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We’re the marketing agency that treats our clients like family, which is why our first client EVER is still with us over a decade later. Join the FlipSwitch family and experience a different type of marketing company.

Why Businesses Choose FlipSwitch

Our service is unmatched and our pricing is unbeatable. But the real reason companies choose us is because we don’t oversell or overpromise — only deliver. We work hand in hand with our clients to provide exactly what they need at a price ANY business can afford. In fact we were told our model wouldn’t work. We were told we couldn’t provide so much value at such a low price point. Ten years and counting, and we’re still proving them wrong. Let us show you how our model can work for your business like it has thousands of others.


Our Services Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy

We sell “time” and “expertise”. In other words, we handle all aspects of your social media marketing and we do it from a data-driven perspective, so it’s done right, and we take it off your plate so that you get your valuable time back.
Video is the most important part of any marketing strategy, and our expert video team has worked with everyone from mom-and-pop businesses to the top brands in the country, including ESPN, Auto Zone, Comcast, Subaru and hundreds more. There is no video project too small or too large for us to handle.
No canned content here. We create custom, on-brand content for our clients, designed to elevate their brand to new heights and connect with their audience in new and engaging ways.
One of the most popular aspects of our service is that we monitor and respond to comments, questions, complaints and reviews in real time, so your social customer service is top notch. And since 83% of people expect companies to respond to them the same day on social media, you can’t afford to miss out on this important element of your overall social media strategy.
Don’t waste money on paid ads ever again. Simply put, we have the knowledge and expertise to optimize your ad spend and save you money. By combining our data with a well thought out strategy, our targeted ads reach your desired audience and get results for less money than you would spend on your own.
For some businesses, it makes sense to have an employee or marketing team handle the majority of their social media. These companies hire us on a monthly or quarterly consulting basis to help guide and direct their efforts and provide a gameplan for them to follow. We can oversee the team, taking the day-to-day management off the plate of the owner or managing executive, thus saving time and overhead while amplifying results. It’s the perfect combination of in-house and outsourced marketing, and the results speak for themselves.

Ever wonder how some brands get popular social media influencers to promote their product or service? It’s called influencer marketing, and it’s one of the hottest ways that companies are gaining reach and followers at scale. We take it a step further and find you hyperlocal influencers that are affordable and actually relatable to your local customers, and negotiate the terms of the influencer agreement for you. It’s a powerful way to build brand, increase sales and grow your social media community, and it works better than most types of marketing.

We began as a web design company back in 2012, but now we partner with B Practical Solutions, a leader in the industry for Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. Contact them and tell them we sent you for special pricing.

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